India is presented with a unique opportunity to adopt clean and efficient technologies that support its economic development goals. The nation can and must accelerate sustainable solutions that will reduce its carbon emissions.

Goods movement is an integral part of urban economy. With growing population, rapid urbanisation, and increase in e-commerce, urban freight demand is expected to increase by 140% in this decade. However, urban freight systems also generate negative externalities such as air pollution, hazards to public health, high CO2 emissions, and high transportation costs.

Electric delivery vehicles for final-mile distribution present an opportunity to reduce both operational costs and vehicular emissions associated with increasing e-commerce activities, the benefits of which can be passed on to consumers and society.

The Shoonya campaign aims at improving air quality in India by accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles for final-mile deliveries. The campaign aims to:


Build awareness and demand for zero pollution delivery among consumers


Recognise and promote industry efforts towards fleet electrification


Set the final-mile delivery sector on a pathway to 100% electrification

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