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Driving India's EV Future - Girish Wagh on the Shoonya Podcast

Episode 8 with Mr. Girish Wagh, Tata Motors
15 December 2022

To realise the vision of making India the world’s EV hub, the automotive sector is playing a critical role. In this sector, the industry players are investing heavily in clean, fuel-efficient technologies to provide new mobility solutions and thereby ensure a seamless transition to electric mobility. One such player is Tata Motors, which is building a comprehensive EV portfolio to help expand the EV market, to lower the cost of ownership and to make EVs more accessible in India.

This week we have with us Mr. Girish Wagh, who is the Executive Director and Head of the Commercial Vehicles Division at Tata Motors. Mr. Wagh has been with Tata Motors for over 3 decades and has led both Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Business Units. He is the person behind the successful projects that include Tata ACE - Mini Truck and the new generation cars such as Zest, Tiago, Hexa, and Tigor.

This episode is hosted by Mr. Randheer Singh, Director, E-Mobility at NITI Aayog.

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