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"We are all complementary, there is no competition, and Shoonya is bringing all of us together on the same platform." – Uday Narang, Founder, Omega Seiki Mobility

Interview with Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility
20 December 2022

Q: You are one of the most passionate entrepreneurs in modern day India when it comes to EVs. What is the driving force behind this?

I am incredibly passionate about green and electric mobility. Air pollution has emerged as one of India’s gravest environmental problems and reducing air pollution is a policy priority for the country. About 31 of the most polluted cities in the world are in India, and this drives me to ensure future generations live in a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

I also want to support and provide the youth of our country an opportunity to become entrepreneurs in building sustainable ecosystems for the new era of mobility, thus making India the largest economy in the world - which is my driving force and mission.

Q: How are you and Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) supporting India’s EV growth story and what motivated your organization to join the Shoonya campaign?

With the launch of market-defining products and determined efforts from government and corporate entities in advancing demand and shoring up charging infrastructure, India’s EV future is very bright. Omega Seiki Mobility is indeed part of this change and believes in creating sustainable mobility solutions with an integrated approach of connecting automobiles and society.

OSM has been rapidly expanding its product line and manufacturing footprint in India. The company is the first OEM to have two-, three-, and four-wheeler EVs in its product portfolio. It has set up large-scale manufacturing facilities in Delhi NCR and Pune and now seeks to expand in Chennai. OSM is a leading last-mile service provider with "UNOXpress" under its brand. The company is currently running its fleet at more than 10 lakh km per month in 20 cities.

We have joined hands with Shoonya as it's in complete alliance with our view to improve the air quality index by accelerating the deployment of EVs. The organization is doing great work and I applaud them for bringing together consumers and industry and creating awareness in promoting vehicle electrification.

Q: Where do you see OSM in the next decade or so?

In the next decade, I see OSM as the cargo Tesla of the East. We plan to build OSM as a powerhouse in the renewable energy sustainability business and aim to be one of the largest last-mile logistic companies.

We are working to bring tractors and products & services for agriculture in India, because we believe if we want to create the size, scale, and opportunity, we can only do this by bringing rural India into the mix. And this is the only way scale will be achieved in times to come.

Q: As a rising player of the EV industry, how do see India’s mobility sector in the next five years?

Right from 2012, the Indian government has been taking continuous steps to develop and promote the EV ecosystem in the country. This is evident in the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMP) and the introduction of the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of EVs scheme (FAME) on the consumer side and Production-linked Incentive Scheme (PLI) for Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) for auto and automotive component manufacturers on the supplier side. The EV market is continuously evolving in terms of new participants, which provide new technologies, especially in the last-mile and EV component segments. Most importantly, the traditional players have now realized that EVs are the future, so the market is on track. Actually, it's not just on track, it's on acceleration mode.

India could potentially be the hub for exporting the largest amount of EV components to the world. So, more investment and more government involvement in terms of subsidies in facilitating the EV market is what the market needs to further evolve the EV space.

Q: Finally, how do you see Shoonya accelerate consumer awareness through partners like OSM?

I am excited to see that Shoonya is working on building the ecosystem: EVs, charging infrastructure, and related government schemes and policies are being promoted. Shoonya is also working on aligning multiple partners. We are all complementary, there is no competition, and Shoonya is bringing all of us together on the same platform.

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